Blair's Jersey Death 2.0, Blair's Sudden Death

Obwohl es immer schwieriger wird Produkte von Blair zu erhalten, können wir bald einige Flaschen einer Sonderedition anbieten! Mit dabei sind auch zwei signierte Flaschen, welche wir dann gesondert verkaufen.  Wie es zum Remake der legendären Jersey Death Hot Sauce gekommen ist, erklärt Blair am besten selber:

Hey hey Chilipal,

So.....check this out!

We were making a kettle of Mega Death recently when something went array. You see......a very expensive drum of 3.3 million scoville units of fury oleoresin was mistakenly added to the batch, instead of the 1.3 million our formula calls for.

I knew what I had to do.......TASTE IT (duh)!!!!! Sure enough, my hiccup alarm went off instantly which always means I’m on to something good. And I most definitely was.

In effort to memorialize that holy moment, a tiny amount of the vicious concoction was bottled as is, in what’s now become known as Super B sauce.

And with a lot of tinkering and fine tuning, the rest of the sauce was balanced with some fresh Jersey tomatoes, Carolina Reapers, and more to create a kick ass bottle of Jersey no other!!

Jersey Death 2.0 is available for a limited time in individual bottles. As we only have a finite supply of these tiny but wicked Super B bottles, they are available exclusively with the six bottle pack.

Check it out, and Feel Alive!!

Much respect.

Your ChiliPal,


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